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I know that something is going on with...

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I know that something is going on with my daughter, but she keeps saying no and brushes me off.
What should I do?
A. Find a quiet time to talk when you won’t be disturbed by the phone, the TV, or anyone else.
You may have to leave the house. Tell her that you know something is wrong.
Tell her that there is no problem too big that can’t ...

Classroom Bullying Surveys
You’ve been asking for it, and here it is!  The tool you need to Take Action Against Bullying in your school.  
Do you want your anti bullying efforts to really make a difference?

- TARGET YOUR EFFORTS to make your school safe
- HIT THE BULLSEYE  to take action against bullying
- KNOW THE HOT SPOTS for unsafe and bullying behaviour, your hard work

Our student survey will give you the information you need and how to make your school safer for all students.
Easy to access and complete, results within 2 weeks of survey completion, this tool will give your staff the information they need to target bullying.

Here’s what you can get today!
1.Access to 2 surveys, one print and one picture
2.Results of your survey within 2 business weeks of survey completion
3.A list of the top 5 HOT SPOTS in your school
4.Lesson plans and activities designed to target your HOT SPOTS
5.A follow-up survey within 12 calendar months of the first survey to see the results
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Bullying hurts, and keeps on hurting  
Most bullying goes unnoticed and unreported school is a prime location for bullying
the effects of bullying can last a lifetimeBullying is one of the most underrated and enduring problems in schools today and is a reality in the lives of all children,
whether they are bullies, victims or witnesses.Teachers, students, support staff, parents and administrators need to work as a team to take action against bullying.
We know even when student sit on the auditorium and do my assignment, he can feel jeer from the rear desks and that can cause problems.
Bully Beware offers Resources, Products and information for Educators, Families and Students.