Academic integrity

Interpretation of terms

Company or DoMyEssay is a platform under the domain which is a service that maintains the highest educational standards and promotes academic integrity.

DoMyEssay expert or expert

This is a person who is engaged by the Company as a freelancer who provides services within the Company Agreement (assistance in writing or completing assignments in the form of providing a Customer with a sample of a completed task for research purposes).


This is a person who visits DoMyEssay in order to get the professional assistance of a DoMyEssay Expert or to use the tools or samples of academic assignments provided on the platform free of charge.

Writing service

This is a service provided by the Company and its Experts within a defined time frame and under strict Customer‘s requirements. "To deliver Writing Service" means to create, write or in any way produce, either fully or in parts, a sample of a completed assignment covering a term paper, thesis, dissertation, essay, report or other written as well as recorded, pictorial, artistic and other assignments for a fee.


It’s means a result of a delievered Writing Service. It is a sample of a completed academic task that is not intended for submission to any university, college, academy, school or other educational institution which is chartered, incorporated, licensed, registered or supervised by the state, in fulfillment of the requirements of a degree, diploma, certificate or course of study at any such educational institution.


DoMyEssay shares in the global movement towards individual learning approaches that facilitate higher education. In this document we share our vision for the proper usage of our service. DoMyEssay declares that the practice of trafficking in academic materials serves no legitimate purpose and tends to undermine the academic process to the detriment of students, the academic community,

DoMyEssay Experts are not allowed to condone academic dishonesty which involves assisting students to cheat, obtaining grades with a paper performed by an Expert, or obtaining degrees with a dissertation or thesis written by DoMyEssay Expert. Academic dishonesty in terms of DoMyEssay includes:

Data fabrication and falsification

Manipulating or inventing data with the intent of supporting false conclusions, including manipulating images.


Working with one or more other individuals to complete an assignment in a way that is not authorized.


Reproducing and submitting the work of DoMyEssay Experts, with or without their knowledge.

Contract cheating

Contracting a third party to complete an assessment task, generally in exchange for money or other manner of payment.


Falsely presenting oneself, or engaging someone else to present as oneself in an in-person examination.


Reproducing the work of DoMyEssay Expert without attribution.

DoMyEssay Experts are forbidden from knowingly helping a student cheat, plagiarize, or engage in activities that violates the academic policies of the educational institute the student belongs to. This includes DoMyEssay Experts taking tests or completing graded assignments for students. If an DoMyEssay Expert is found to knowingly help a student cheat, he or she will be immediately removed as a DoMyEssay Expert from the platform.

To students

Customers are not allowed to use any services on DoMyEssay for any kind of illegal activity or violations of any college policies.

Customers should not use DoMyEssay for either illegal activities or to hire DoMyEssay Experts to help Customers cheat or violate academic integrity and college policies.

To parents and teachers

DoMyEssay encourages both parents and teachers to take part in the global educational mission of this project. We believe that the future of education incorporates an individual approach to learning as well as learning from samples.

From you, as a teacher, we highly expect that:

  • you give permission to your students for sharing classroom material in order to help a student get the most out of DoMyEssay.
  • you encourage students to learn better and improve their skills with the use of the free tools, available samples, and products written by DoMyEssay Experts.
  • you shall not prevent students from using tools and Products provided by DoMyEssay Experts as a part of a learning process.
  • you shall not prevent tutorial assistance rendered by DoMyEssay Experts which does not include the preparation, research or writing of a dissertation, thesis, term paper, essay, report or other written assignment knowing, or under the circumstances having reason to know, that said assignment is intended for submission either in whole or substantial part under said student's name to such educational institution in fulfillment of the requirements for a degree, diploma, certificate or course of study.

For you, as a parent, we expect that:

  • you give your child financial support to improve their academic performance with the help of individually crafted samples - Products.
  • you motivate your child to use the samples and tools provided within Essayservice as a reference for future research and learning.

To experts

At the DoMyEssay Platform, we provide an opportunity for you to educate. We trust that you will behave professionally and with integrity towards Customers and students on our platform. As a DoMyEssay Expert providing services on DoMyEssay service, you are expected to follow these guidelines:

  • DoMyEssay Experts will not create or contribute to situations that would violate any college or corporate policies.
  • DoMyEssay Experts will not help students cheat or commit fraud.
  • DoMyEssay Experts will not provide any student enrolled in a university, college, academy, school or other educational institution with the Writing Services knowing, or under the circumstances having reason to know, that said Writing Services would be used inappropriately meaning with the intent for submission either in whole or substantial part under said student's name to such educational institution in fulfillment of the requirements for a degree, diploma, certificate or course of study.

List of prohibited task requests

Any Customer of DoMyEssay, either on the Platform or Mobile Application, that infringes on the restrictions specified in this document will be banned and her/his account will be deactivated permanently with no option for recovery.
This is a non-exhaustive list of requests that violate the rules of DoMyEssay:
Completing school/college or other academic tasks on behalf of a student
Impersonating a student’s identity for any purpose
Creating fake financial reports
Preparing educational materials that a student presents as their own work
Getting answers for tests, exams, labs, or other tasks when instructed by a professor or the institution not to obtain outside help
Ghostwriting any kind of academic assignments connected to Medicine and Health
Ghostwriting of dissertations, theses, and term papers
Fabricating data, information, or citations
Preparing educational materials that a student presents as their own work
and any other tasks that violate college or corporate policies

In conclusion

If you become aware of any case of Academic Integrity violations on the DoMyEssay Platform, please immediatelycontact us and report the abuse.