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Dedicated manager

As a member of our team, you will receive the support of a dedicated personal manager who will be available to address any inquiries and provide guidance to improve your performance. Rest assured that your manager will coordinate all relevant details for you.

User-friendly CRM system

Our system offers a powerful and user-friendly work experience that simplifies your workflow. You can easily manage orders, track earnings, and communicate with your personal manager or our support team.

Tailored workload

At DoMyEssay, you have complete control over your workload. You are your own boss, whether you prefer to work daily, weekly, or monthly. As the go-to service for customers seeking to buy essays, we always have plenty of orders available. On average, our writers complete up to three orders a day, but if you're up for more, we'll gladly provide you with additional assignments.

Prompt payment

We offer two payment options for our writers: on the 15th and the last day of every month. Payments are primarily processed via Payoneer; however, we also provide the alternative of transferring the funds directly to your bank account.

A quick guide to becoming an DoMyEssay writer in 5 steps

Our exceptional team of writers is what sets us apart from the competition. That's why we approach the hiring process with utmost seriousness. To become a part of our diverse and skilled team, it's essential that you possess the ability to fulfill a client's "write my essay" request to their complete satisfaction, and follow the steps below:

01. Identity verification

To ensure the safety and security of our customers, we require all users to provide proof of their identity. This documentation is also necessary to process your payments promptly and efficiently.

02. Diploma Verification

You must submit your diplomas or other relevant documents as proof of higher education completed within the past five years. Please ensure that your college or university stamps and signs these documents.

03. Writing samples

After verifying your education documents, we will request writing samples for our Quality Assurance (QA) department to assess. It's important to note that applicants must have at least one year of experience

04. Test assignment

As part of the hiring process, you will be required to complete a 1-page writing assignment on a randomly selected topic following the interview.

05. Trial period

After successfully completing the earlier stages, you'll be given a one-month trial period. If you perform well during this time, you'll become an official member of our writing team.

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