100+ Expository Essay Topics 2022

Expository Essay Topics

How to Select Good Expository Essay Topics

Everybody knows that written assignments comprise a major part of school and college life. Sometimes, teachers ask you to present good expository essay topics. In a nutshell, expository writing aims to describe and explain some ideas to educate the audience. Hence, this type of academic writing requires thorough preparation. The process starts with picking interesting expository essay topics and making an expository essay structure for your school or college paper. Indeed, finding an example of expository essay topics online is the easiest solution. Still, expository topics require more effort to be truly captivating. 

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Therefore, use a small portion of your free time to learn and implement essay writing ideas! Such investment pays off in the form of high grades and satisfied readers. Here is the detailed algorithm for choosing the best titles.

Come Up With a List of Topics

Your initial step should be composing a broad list of interesting expository essay topics. Even if you have writer’s block, don’t worry! Here are the ways to find inspiration for expository writing:

Sample Expository Essay Topics

Yes, the fastest method to compose your expository topic is to follow other people’s footsteps. Reading high-quality works can give you new essay ideas.

Get Inspiration During Daily Activities

School and college students often spend their free time online. Think of expository themes while having fun to make the most of leisure activities. Sometimes, a book or a movie you enjoy highlights a subject you can investigate further.

Examine the Topics for Expository Essays

Now that you have a vast list of topics for an expository essay, evaluate each of them carefully. Contrary to the previous step, you should turn on your inner critic here. Ask yourself, ‘What can make my essay the best in class?’ If you doubt any expository essay ideas, better delete them from your list.

Besides, whether you are a middle school student or attend high school, seek help from your favorite teacher. Generally, teachers will help you choose a title for your writing assignment. Your suggested topic can be awesome, but it might require improvement.

Limit the Scope

Get specific with the essay title. Exploring a broad subject will take too much time and effort. Under such circumstances, you either highlight too little information or end up with an enormous essay.

Preciseness is key! If a person fancies PR or advertising expository essay topics, they should describe a specific company case rather than general marketing knowledge.

Choose an Expository Essay Topic You Have an Opinion About

Young people often wonder, ‘How do I write my coursework if it bores me?’ Luckily, there are thousands of expository essay example topics. Picking interesting ones may turn writing into your favorite hobby! As a result, the same amount of work seems more fun.

Remember, your desire to speak up on certain matters is crucial. Use emotions helpful for finding inspiration, like admiration, anger, or excitement. However, make sure to build your expository piece on facts.

Look Up the Credible Sources

Sometimes, a person wants to describe and explain unique ideas in their work. However, such a strategy has certain negative effects. More specifically, a student can face the problem of a lack of information sources. Imagine that there are only a few credible books, articles, or videos on your expository essay topic.

Moreover, the data on under-researched themes may be solely in foreign languages, which makes the writing tricky. Hence, the ability to pick a well-researched subject is important nowadays. Also, make sure that the data source has a good reputation!

Make Sure Transitions Are Possible

Besides the mentioned tips, there is another secret about choosing the uppermost paper name. Be confident that your title allows you to express the main idea smoothly. Granted that the parts connect without clashes, the paper becomes eye candy. Moreover, you most likely know from personal experience how enjoyable reading a harmonious written piece is. So, never create a Frankenstein literature where you rapidly jump from one thought to another. Again, a clever title helps to avoid this issue.

Evidence Should Be Simple to Collect

When a person decides on a topic for a paper, there is one more thing to consider. The lack of evidence may disrupt the writing process even with the best title. First, observe how many available sources are on the subject. Some give only partial information or require payment for access.

Next, choose topics that allow you to collect primary data too. Self-made questionnaires are a great solution when there is little info online. Classmates, groupmates or friends  fit this purpose!

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Expository Essay Topics for Middle School

Schools encourage creative thinking in young people through different tasks, including essay writing. Here are some worthy expository essay topics for middle school that kids will love:

  1. How does skipping classes affect academic performance?
  2. How to act if a particular person doesn’t like you?
  3. Describe your first artwork
  4. When and why did children begin to wear uniforms to school?
  5. Explain how to spot a true friendship
  6. Describe the time you were preparing for an important event
  7. Describe the character traits of your good friend that you want to have too
  8. Describe the concept of your great invention and how it can help people
  9. How long are school hours in different countries?
  10. Describe an event that made you a better person

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Expository Essay Topics High School

Thanks to expository essay topics high school students prepare for college assignments and have an opportunity to ponder over important matters. Whether they choose serious or funny expository essay topics, they develop multiple skills. In the end, students learn to find data, form a thesis statement, and explain an idea through writing. There are some suitable themes for high schoolers:

  1. Explain the positive and negative outcomes of the French Revolution
  2. Name things that slow down space exploration
  3. Explain how rich people build their fortunes from scratch
  4. The psychological effects of financial problems in a family on a child
  5. How can schools receive more funding?
  6. Ways to improve mental health and prevent burnout in school
  7. Describe how foreign languages improved your life
  8. Explain whether previous generations suffered from global warming too
  9. Describe the unconventional ways to use artificial intelligence
  10. Parenting roles in your home country: then and now

College Expository Essay Topics

Every once in a while, you may think, ‘Oh, I wish someone could do my homework now!' Such a thought is quite common, especially if you don’t know where to start. Luckily, there is a way to save your mental health! College expository essay topics can push you in the right direction. We share them with everybody who craves a pinch of inspiration:

  1. How to keep privacy while living in a dorm room?
  2. Methods of reducing screen time and fighting phone addiction
  3. Celebrating Christmas in non-Christian families: the meaning behind it
  4. What does it mean to be a model in the era of social media?
  5. The rise and fall of the beauty guru era of YouTube
  6. Psychological reasons behind overconsumption
  7. Where to invest today to gain maximum profits?
  8. The most harmful book you have ever read
  9. Describe the case of Disney trademarking Norse gods
  10. Why do big film companies avoid creating new plots and characters?

Descriptive Expository Essay Topics

One of the expository paper categories is descriptive expository essays. Such works help readers to have a profound understanding of anything from science and technology to mental disorders and country traditions:

  1. Describe the daily schedule of a wealthy teenager in the Regency era
  2. Talk about wedding traditions in your home country
  3. Describe the artist from whom you took the biggest inspiration
  4. Describe how you turned from a vulnerable into an emotionally stable person
  5. Describe a bad situation that eventually turned for good
  6. Describe a major historical event in your country
  7. The time when you acted like a completely different person
  8. Tell about a situation when something unexplainable happened to you
  9. Describe an underwhelming movie that you have seen
  10. My first blogging experience
  11. Describe a place where you are the most welcome
  12. How do people dress in a foreign country that you visited?
  13. The most enchanting theater play you have ever seen
  14. Describe how management encourages diversity in your job
  15. A celebrity outfit that made a huge cultural impact
  16. How would a human act without the effects of any hormones?
  17. Describe a misunderstood historical figure
  18. The kindest gesture you have ever received
  19. The childhood outfit would you like to recreate
  20. Your dream workplace

Classification Expository Essay Themes

Indeed, people love categorizing everything for the sake of convenience. You could write an expository classification essay if you are one of them. Think of the following ideas:

  1. Types of synesthesia
  2. Explore the various illustration styles
  3. Types of professors you meet in college
  4. Classification of modern architecture designs
  5. What are the popular anime genres?
  6. What are the levels of geisha?
  7. The types of post-traumatic stress disorder
  8. What are the major types of antagonists?
  9. What is the classification of a fantasy hero’s journey?
  10. Discuss the subgenres of horror movies
  11. Bullying: the various types of this phenomenon
  12. Talk about categories of dog breeds
  13. Archetypes of sidekicks in fiction
  14. Japanese fashion: Lolita substyles
  15. Discuss the popular rap music substyles
  16. How do you classify graffiti styles?
  17. Lighting types in photography
  18. What are the several groups of European languages?
  19. Archetypes in fictional girl groups
  20. How do you classify modern schools?

Comparison Expository Essay Topics

Sometimes, you must compare two things to understand each of them better.  Check out these ideas for a comparison expository paper:

  1. Explain how Western and Slavic mentalities differ
  2. The ability to focus on one hobby: scanners vs. divers
  3. Film acting vs. theater acting
  4. Swimming in a pool vs. swimming in natural water bodies
  5. Drawing with paints vs. using mobile tools
  6. Going out alone vs. hanging out with friends
  7. Studying STEM vs. humanities
  8. Having one kid vs. having several kids
  9. Working part-time job vs. full-time job
  10. Dressing how you like vs. following fashion trends
  11. Living in an apartment complex vs. a separate house
  12. Finding friends in teenagehood vs. in adulthood
  13. Avoiding confrontation vs. facing it
  14. Teen vs. adult mentality
  15. Working during daytime vs. nighttime
  16. Being married vs. divorced
  17. Staying in your hometown vs. moving to a big city
  18. Camping vs. glamping
  19. Classical vs. modern music concerts
  20. Sabbatical vs. regular leave

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Cause-and-Effect Expository Essay Ideas

A busy student might say, ‘I’ll pay someone to write my college essay to save time.’ Whether you ask the others or do the task yourself, use the following cause-and-effect ideas:

  1. Yoga and mental state
  2. Excessive packaging and pollution in South Korea
  3. The health issues after natural childbirth
  4. Consequences of energy drinks addiction
  5. Causes of food pickiness
  6. Reasons for Japanese culture’s popularity
  7. Why do people move to the countryside?
  8. Why do people stay in abusive relationships?
  9. Why do employees prefer offline work?
  10. Why did the supermodel era end?
  11. Why is fanfiction so popular?
  12. Causes of people becoming bullies
  13. Can lack of movement cause a psychological disorder?
  14. Causes and effects of too high life temp
  15. How does lack of personal space affect life quality?
  16. Causes and effects of internalized misogyny
  17. Health consequences of lack of sunshine
  18. How did memes affect the evolution of humor?
  19. How does a highly extroverted world affect introverts?
  20. Causes and effects of massive wildfires

Process Expository Essay Topics

An expository essay is convenient if a student wants to teach others some processes. For instance, look at the next title prompts:

  1. How to run without hurting your joints?
  2. How to reject someone politely?
  3. How to memorize information faster?
  4. How to calm down during an anxiety attack?
  5. How to cook Swedish princess cake?
  6. How to act when you get stuck in an elevator?
  7. How to travel by yourself safely?
  8. How to become more likable?
  9. How to find a perfect casual outfit?
  10. How to respond to harsh criticism?
  11. How to hype yourself up after failure?
  12. How to use metaverse?
  13. How to act alone in a forest?
  14. How to practice gratitude?
  15. How to take care of a kitten?
  16. How to finish a big task overnight?
  17. How to have fun if you are lonely?
  18. How to paint your face for cosplay?
  19. How to become a better parent?
  20. How to stop judging others and yourself?

After reading more than 50 expository essay topics above, expository writing should be easier for you. Memorize the mentioned tips and select your favorite topics to make the task enjoyable!

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