Dissertation vs. Thesis

Dissertation vs. Thesis Comparison

Throughout your years in educational institutions, you are going to face various writing assignments, from simple essays on regular subjects to more complex projects like thesis and dissertation. You can always browse some write my dissertation services and allow professionals to do your job for you. But being able to tell those assignments from one another is crucial. After all, you don’t want to order the wrong thing. 

One of the main thesis vs dissertation differences is the time when both of the works are written. A student must write a thesis towards the end of their master’s program. It generally comes in the form of research on one of the subjects you’ve been studying during the program. A dissertation, on the other hand, is a unique work that one must present to earn a Ph.D. 

Dissertation vs. Thesis: Definition

Now let’s get a bit deeper into the differences between those two types of academic work. Let’s start with defining what a thesis is. Our 'write my term paper' experts have determined that it is the culminating work of your master’s degree. Think of a thesis as a paper-based on one or several pieces of research conducted previously. The main aim of this piece of writing is to showcase the knowledge you’ve acquired throughout your master’s program. 

Now, let’s figure out what is a dissertation and how it differs from a thesis. Firstly, a dissertation is a much lengthier piece of writing. Secondly, while a thesis is a research compilation, its Ph.D. counterpart is completely new research. 

The main purpose of a dissertation is to present a new theory or hypothesis in a certain field. A dissertation can be based on research conducted previously, but only when the author expands on the subject or presents it from a different angle. 

Dissertation vs. Thesis: Similarities 

Now, you can see that both pieces of writing are similar in certain ways. It’s much easier to use a write my essay for me service for a thesis rather than a dissertation. After all, trusting someone to compile research is more straightforward than allowing someone else to conduct it instead of you. But let’s figure out what thesis and dissertation have in common: 

  • both are final projects of graduate programs;
  • both require a deep understanding of the subject;
  • both address particular research questions;
  • both demand great academic writing and analytical skills;
  • both should be edited and proofread before the submission;
  • plagiarism is unacceptable in both of them.

However, despite the similarities, these pieces of writing are final projects of different graduate programs that demand contrasting approaches. 

Dissertation vs. Thesis: Distinctions

While you might get a feeling that, in many respects, thesis and dissertation are the same things, there are more contrasting features than it may seem at first glance. First, you may notice a difference between dissertation and  thesis in length. The latter is generally between 40 and 80 pages, while the former can range from 1 to 300 pages. 

When you are writing a thesis, you utilize pieces of research conducted previously. Basically, you are taking an existing theory and providing your viewpoint on it. When it comes to a dissertation, you need to have an in-depth knowledge of the subject. This piece of writing requires you to come up with a new theory. Your work is the documentation of the research you’ve conducted to prove your theory. 

The structure is another difference between thesis and dissertation. That’s what your typical thesis looks like: 

  • title page; 
  • abstract; 
  • table of contents; 
  • body; 
  • conclusion. 

And here is what the structure of the dissertation must include: 

  • acknowledgments; 
  • introduction; 
  • theoretical framework; 
  • methodology; 
  • findings; 
  • their analysis and interpretation; 
  • conclusion; 
  • reference list; 
  • appendices. 

Also, the oral representation of the dissertation is more lengthy. 

The Differences in Context Depending on Location

Another aspect of understanding the peculiarities of thesis and dissertation is geography. In one country, a thesis is the final work of your master’s degree, while in another, it may have more to do with the doctorate degree. 

The United States

Things are pretty much the same as the abovementioned in the United States. A thesis is your master’s degree final project, and you say dissertation meaning the gargantuan piece of writing for obtaining the Ph.D. 

Everything seems plain and simple until you bump into the term Ph.D. thesis. Well, that is kinda confusing. Maybe you can call a dissertation that way? But it’s the other way around. That’s why you need to understand the PhD thesis vs dissertation differences. 

In a nutshell, a Ph.D. thesis is the argument of your dissertation. It’s the compilation of conclusions you’ve come to after combining the already existing works on the subject with your original research’s results. The dissertation is the written assertion of the thesis. It’s a piece of writing where you display the aims of the study and its results. Here, you provide the findings and pieces of evidence that support your conclusion. 


Things are a little bit different when it comes to Europe. When trying to obtain a Ph.D. in Europe, you say thesis meaning what is called a dissertation in the US. In Europe, a thesis is not a compilation of previously conducted research, but an original one performed to obtain a Ph.D. 

So, there is no dissertation in Europe? To understand European PhD dissertation vs thesis differences, you can’t rely on the American system. A dissertation is a much broader postgraduate research project that students may or may not conduct. In certain fields, the dissertation can be conducted by scientists after earning their Ph.D. to acquire grants for their work. 

The Bottom Line

Now, after going through all the previous points, you may still have questions on what is the difference between a thesis and a dissertation. As pieces of writing are treated differently depending on the side of the Atlantic, it can get a bit confusing. So, for you to avoid questioning when finishing university whether to write a dissertation or thesis, let’s go through the comparison in a nutshell. 

In the US, when you need to acquire a master’s degree, you have to write a thesis. A thesis is generally up to 100 pages and is based on already existing works. A dissertation can be more than 300 pages, and it is based on your original research. Also, you write a dissertation to obtain a Ph.D.

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Our lab report writing services experts think that in Europe, a thesis is a work based on the original research that one must write to earn a Ph.D. A dissertation is a postgraduate project that can be written to obtain grants. Those are the main dissertation vs thesis differences.

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