Guide on Narrative Essay: Awesome Tips for 2023

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Explaining How to Write a Narrative Essay: Easy Steps

Are you struggling with writing different kinds of essays to express your ideas about a significant topic?! If yes, we're here to help you learn more about one of them - a narrative essay - in which you formally represent your experiences, personal narratives, or character attributes. Such essays have the same structure as a descriptive essay; the only difference is that in narrative essays, you concentrate on personal stories.

In narrative writing, you're the one who tells a story and describes an episode from the past or the future. Your tale can potentially represent a fictional or hypothetical situation too. A personal narrative essay aims to shed light on your personality, values, and traits you embody. In this article, we'll guide you through how to write a narrative essay easily.

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Narrative Essay Introduction

When thinking of how to begin a narrative essay, it means you think of writing an introduction. In this part of the paper, you should establish the environment, introduce your characters to the audience, and prepare them for action.

The two main objectives of narrative essay introductions are - creating an emotional connection with the reader and providing the background information they need to follow along with the topic.

When working on your intro while creating a narrative essay outline, always remember that it should include the following three:

  • A hook to draw the reader in
  • Background information on the subject
  • A thesis statement summarizing your main argument

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How to Start a Narrative Essay?

Now let's address the trickiest question: How to start a narrative essay?

Most narrative essays start with a meaningful experience or story. You aim to immediately capture the reader's curiosity by providing something unexpected or intriguing. It's like a hook to grab their attention. Also, when you think of different narrative essay ideas, starting your writing with a relevant anecdote makes sense as it's about you and your experiences. Choose a narrative that relates to your thesis statement and try several approaches to telling it.

Choosing a Title for Narrative Essay

The title creates a first impression of personal narrative essays. So when choosing the title for narrative essay, remember that it should interest and draw readers into your writing. Thinking of a title in the writing process is often a great idea. Most effective titles borrow phrases or words from the essay they are used in.

It takes work to come up with good narrative essay topics. Still, after going deeper into your essay, doing a little research, and thinking of how to make it provocative, you'll have a perfectly crafted essay title.

Narrative Essay Body

In narrative essay format, do you know what information goes to which part of the structure?! If not, we're here to guide you through.

Body paragraphs are part of your narrative paper offering supportive evidence to back up your story or thesis statement. It includes three key components: A topic sentence, relevant supporting sentences, and a concluding sentence.

Unlike other kinds of writing, body paragraphs in narrative essays don't require to be opened with topic sentences. Instead, it immediately begins telling your story. As your intro already contains the background information, the body paragraph should directly delve into the narration.

In a literacy narrative essay, body paragraphs include conversations between your characters and detailed information about settings. Remember to always try and include sensory details in your writing to help readers recreate your experience.

Narrative Essay Conclusion

Writing a narrative essay can often become a struggle, as you need to structure all parts of your paper and identify what information to put in which section. Like other academic essays, this type of essay writing also requires having concluding ideas.

Your last paragraph should logically sum up your essay and rephrase your arguments at the beginning before returning to the general topic. It should also have to end with a closing statement.

A good narrative essay example should conclude using these three components: restated thesis restatement, the topic's general context, and the closing statement. In other words, the whole meaning of the conclusion is to finish describing the action in your essay.

The main goal of narrative essay structure is to catch the reader's attention and make them interested in the topic you discuss.

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FAQs on Writing a Narrative Essay

A narrative essay tells a story about you, reflecting on your values, experiences, or some traits. However, when seeing narrative essay examples, many questions can arise in your head that have to be answered if you want to write a perfect paper yourself. In the paragraphs below, we will cover the FAQs about writing a narrative essay.

What is a Narrative Essay?

When you're assigned a narrative essay about your personal experience in college, you may wonder - what is a narrative essay? We're here to answer that question for you.

A narrative essay definition can be described as - a branch of creative nonfiction. Authors in this genre are expected to present truthful stories about their own experiences and, as a result, come to specific realizations about life.

A narrative essay asks you to tell a story rather than making an argument or providing evidence. Most of them describe real-life experiences. But alternatively, it may elaborate on a fictional narrative, for example, how your life would be if a specific event hadn't happened in your life.

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What is a Personal Narrative Essay?

Apart from a narrative essay, you may also wonder about what is a personal narrative essay; that's why we're here - to provide answers to all your questions.

personal and narrative essay

A personal narrative essay is a story you're going to tell your readers as it illustrates how you see yourself. People always remember stories and your personal story essay is an opportunity for you to turn a general experience into a meaningful case that a wide audience can relate to.

Even though the distinction is not absolute, the difference between narrative and personal narrative essays is that the personal paper asks a writer to discuss a lesson learnt about themselves through their unique experiences. And if we define a narrative essay once again, you will remember that this type of writing focuses on what the writer learned through their experience about the world, other people, etc.

Which Sentence Most Likely Comes from a Narrative Essay?

Now for more practicality, let's examine the following to see which sentence most likely comes from a narrative essay:

  1. 'I can only wish that someday I'll be able to do the same for another person going through such a terrible journey.'
  2. 'Several studies have found that young adults who use social media have higher rates of sadness and anxiety.'

If your answer is the first one, you're absolutely right. We can consider the first sentence as a part of a narrative essay writing as it provides the writer's personal emotions and tells a story from the first person view. You can't find much difference in sentence structure or writing styles, but if you want to engage readers in your narrative paper, you should always tell a story about yourself rather than about some science fiction, for example.

What Are Some Personal Narrative Essay Examples?

In this paragraph, we'll provide several personal narrative essay examples, so when you have to write one yourself, this can make crafting the paper easier for you.

  • 'Being an Only Daughter' - Here you can tell about your personal experience of being an only child and how it affects your emotional development and behavior. You, as an author can reflect on the specific life moment when being an only child affected your life.
  • 'First Alone Travel Experience' - This narrative essay can represent your first journey experience outside the country, what struggles you had to deal with while traveling alone, and how this trip changed your perspective of viewing the world.
  • 'Why I told the truth' - In this essay, you, as the main character, can tell a story about a specific moment from your life and the personal experiences gained from it that affected your future. For more inspiration, the action can take place in a university among advanced students during a class assignment.

In this kind of short narrative essay, the main components are personal experiences and lessons learned. Always consider providing enough details and adding depth so the reader can connect with your experience emotionally.

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Summing Up

Now that you have all the necessary information and narrative essay examples, you can create a perfect one yourself. But if you have deadlines approaching and need further assistance from professional writers, you can just text us 'write me an essay,' and you'll get instant help with your paper.

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