How to Increase Student Success: Self-Determination Instruction

Self-Determination Instruction For Students

The term “self-determination” is used to describe a person’s ability to direct their own life. A person who is self-determined is believed to have higher chances of succeeding in life. And that is why self-determination is especially important for students, who still have their whole lives ahead of them.

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What Is Self-Determination?

So, what is self-determination? This term is rather hard to define. In a nutshell, self-determination (don’t get it confused with national self-determination) is one’s strong belief that they can be in charge of their own life. This belief is what drives people to set goals and take actions to reach these goals. Simply put, self-determination is all about taking full control of one’s life.

What does having self-determination mean in practice? It means taking control of your life, solving your own problems, making your choices, and, at the same time, taking responsibility for the consequences of these choices.

What Are Self-Determination Life Skills?

Self-determination is a combination of beliefs, skills, and knowledge. There are many components in it. But, the key self determination skills that we can highlight include:

  • Self-awareness;
  • Supported decision making;
  • Self-advocacy;
  • Problem-solving;
  • Goal setting.

These are the main components of self-determination, which is why it is believed that putting more time into developing skills like these can benefit students’ personal development. Developing these skills is believed to be the key to future success. So, if you lack any of them, don’t hesitate to use write my essays for me services to get more time to focus on what really matters.

How to Develop Self-Determination Skills?

As you now know, self-determination is vital for every person. Thus, it is crucial to start developing these skills as early as possible. However, as you can guess, one isn’t born with a set of self-determination skills and abilities. These skills are being developed throughout the lifetime.

As was said earlier, some of the main self determination examples of skills include self-awareness, decision making, self-advocacy, problem-solving, and goal setting. Apart from this, there is also pride, assertiveness, and creativity. But, how to develop them?

Each of these skills can only be learned from regular practice. Therefore, to develop them, one must constantly practice setting goals, making choices, evaluating options, thinking outside the box, and working towards achieving their goals.

Many of these skills are being taught to us in schools and colleges. But, to take charge of your own life, you should also practice them yourself.

Approaches for Promoting Self-Determination in Students

Given that self-determination consists of many skills and other components, it is impossible to promote it in students with a single approach. Instead, educators have to use a combination of methods and approaches to help students define self-determination theory and gain all the skills they need to become self-determined themselves.

The first approach widely used by teachers to promote self-determination in students is IEP. IEP or Individualized Education Program is a personalized approach to teaching that puts goals at the core. This program requires teachers to set individual goals for every student, communicate them, and provide learners with all the needed support to help achieve set goals. This approach teaches students to set and achieve goals in their lives outside of school as well.

Another important thing to teach students in the context of self-determination is how to make a life plan. Many schools include life and career planning lessons to help students learn to take control over their lives. As a result, this helps them become more self-determined.

Another effective approach to instill self-determination in students is teaching the needed skills and knowledge directly. The academic program should focus on teaching kids problem solving and decision making. At the same time, there should be a special focus on self-management and goal setting.

In fact, all these things are already included in curriculums. When students do homework, solve multiple-choice problems, or even turn to experts asking, 'please, write essay for me,' - they learn self-determination at every stage of their academic path.

How Instruction in Self-Determination Can Be Supported in Schools?

Everyone has the right to self determination. And, as you now know, everyone needs to have it to ensure success in the workplace and life in general. However, it is impossible to help students acquire self-determination without teaching them what it is and helping them acquire the needed skills. This brings us to the importance of implementing self determination special education in schools.

Though self determination theory education and its examples can already be seen in schools, it is crucial that we support it further. Since it is not a formal type of instruction, it requires us to go the extra mile to let it survive in modern schools.

So, how can we support it? One way to support this form of instruction in schools is by demanding educators to teach students the knowledge and skills they need to become more self-determined.

It is also crucial to set high expectations for students. This simple yet powerful activity can bring plenty of benefits. The idea is simple - teachers have to set high but achievable goals and communicate their expectations to students. In addition, educators have to emphasize every student’s uniqueness and strengths to help them meet the high expectations. It can help promote self-determination in students and prepare them for future success.

One more important point for supporting self determination in education is to engage parents in this process. By working with families, teachers can find the best strategies that work for every student. In addition, such collaboration can also help parents recognize the importance of supporting students’ development at home.

Finally, to support self-determination instruction in schools, there must be strong counseling. Often, having someone to talk to can really help students to develop confidence and self-direct their lives. So, it is another important element.

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