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9 Best Courses to Learn French

The French language is steadily growing in popularity and is now one of the most spoken languages in the world. Statistics show that more than 97 million people worldwide speak French as their first language.

French is also an official language in 39 countries across the world, meaning there may be no better time to learn the language than now. It's a culturally rich language, and mastering it can open up a new world of opportunities.

But with so many intensive courses and schools, it's challenging to answer 'where can I learn French?'. In this article, we've compiled a rich list of the 9 best courses to learn French in France.

From the popular Alliance Française to the immersive LSF French Language School, we've carefully selected these programs to ensure you get the best learning experience on your safe French study holiday.

So, read on to discover what each French course entails and whether it's the best fit to improve your general French speaking skills and your understanding of French cultural and social specificities.

top french courses

Alliance Française

The institution was founded in Paris in 1883 and has quickly grown to become a global institution dedicated to promoting the French language and culture. It's one of the best places for organized French language stays for young people in France.

Where to Learn French Top Courses in France Alliance Franciase Courses

This French institute boasts over 800 locations in 135 countries and is considered one of the world's most prestigious destinations for French learning programs.

The good thing about attending Alianze Francais French courses is that the instructors here are typically native-speaking. This ensures you're exposed to authentic language and French culture in everyday subjects to aid your learning.

You'll also enjoy access to cultural events and exchanges with Alliance Françiase chapters in other countries and learn a foreign language.

Similarly, Alliance Française language school has a strong presence in the U.S., with nearly 100 chapters in major cities like Washington D.C. and New York. The Alliance Française DC, for instance, is famed for diverse intensive course programs catering to learners of all levels.

The Alliance Française USA is a perfect choice if you want to pursue intensive French courses from a reputable French school. An intensive French Course at Alliance Francaise costs as low as 210 € per week. There are 20 lessons per week.

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LSF Montpellier French Language School

The LSF French language school admits thousands of long-term students who want to learn French in France from all over the world. It is a top-choice French school for those interested in pursuing a high-quality French course from the beginner to the advanced levels.

Besides its various French courses, the LSF school allows you to study in beautiful Montpellier! You can use your free time as a student to visit this vibrant city and immerse yourself in French culture. ​

Why Study French Intensive Course at LSF Montpellier

Overall, LSF Montpellier is among the best-rated schools in the region for a safe French study holiday. Most of the instructors here are French teachers ready to guide you through your French lessons. Plus, you'll also get time to interact with other students on holiday studying French.

The LSF school offers an immersive curriculum that places high-quality teaching at the heart of all concerns. As a student, you can be certain of progressing in French language skills while enjoying the rich cultural experiences associated with studying in France.

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Ecole des Trois Ponts

Ecole des Trois Ponts is another fantastic option for learning French in France. Founded in 1991, the school specializes in short-term French language immersion courses for adults all year round.

There is also a wide range of special French language courses, cooking classes, and gourmet excursions. The best part is that the French courses are offered in general, intensive, private lessons and organized french language stays for all skill levels.

Why You Should Start Learning French at Ecole des Trois Ponts

At the Ecole des Trois Ponts French school, you'll enjoy quality instructions from qualified instructors, usually in small groups or private lessons. You also get to speak French all day and practice listening comprehension to sharpen your skills.

Additionally, you can join the 'Learn French and Work' program to improve your language skills while gaining valuable work experience in a French-speaking environment. It's a great institution for a safe French study holiday in France.

Institut Français

Institut Francais offers the best programs to learn French in several countries, including France. One special thing about this school is that you'll find a program specially devised to help you improve your oral communication skills.

As a student, you're free to pick from their wide range of immersive courses for a program that suits your needs. The school also offers a level assessment to recommend standard French courses best suited to your current level.

Institut Francais Intensive Courses

At this French institute, you can choose a suitable course within a wide range of on-site and e-learning platform french classes. You'll also benefit from excellent teaching by native, qualified instructors both for private lessons and school-based programs.

The course fee for the whole session is 5 800 € and includes 40 hours per week of tuition, breakfast, and lunch on class days.

French in Normandy

French in Normandy is a reputable option if you want to learn French and do some oral practice French speaking lessons. One thing about this award-winning French language school in Normandy, Rouen, is that it lets you learn French from experienced native speakers.

Intensive French Courses at French in Normandy

The school has a variety of French language courses for all skill levels, from absolute beginners to proficient learners. And before you enroll, you can take an online placement test to establish your current level and ensure that you're placed in the appropriate course.

French in Normandy will provide multiple exams and diploma courses all year round to help you achieve all your educational and professional goals.

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top french courses


Learn French in France for adults in the Alps by enrolling at the IFALPES, a renowned French language school. IFALPES is located in the Alpine and offers adults a unique opportunity to learn French in an immersive learning environment.

Why Study French Courses at IFALPES

The school combines Francophone culture, communication, and practical application to offer both groups private and exam preparation courses for all levels.

You'll find experienced instructors ready to provide customized classes tailored to enhance the four core language skills—listening, speaking, reading, and writing.

At IFALPES, you won't have to wonder - 'why study French' or worry about the quality of teaching as you'll find a program completely adapted to your needs. There's a great emphasis on a communicative approach that focuses on real-life situations to help students excel in their professional life.


CAVILAM is one of the best places to learn French in France for young people. This school is located in the charming town of Vichy, France, and offers a wide range of standard French courses for all levels of learners.

CAVILAM Intensive Courses

Like most French schools in France, CAVILAM follows an immersive approach to teaching, ensuring that students learn quickly and effectively. The courses at CAVILAM are all year, and the teachers here rely on valuable materials for French language learning.

There's a core emphasis on communication, culture, and practical application, to ensure each student has a well-rounded learning experience. CAVILAM charges an 85€ registration fee, and from as low as 160€ / lesson, you can get your French learning adventure underway.


CIDEF is a renowned school that offers French language and culture courses from beginner to advanced levels. The school is in the charming city of Angers and is a top destination for adult French immersion programs.

Study French at CIDEF Summer Courses

CIDEF has experienced and highly qualified instructors that provide personalized learning experiences, focusing on developing all language skills. The school's immersive approach to teaching ensures that students acquire the language quickly and effectively.

You can choose a suitable program, starting with a summer course of tailor-made classes. The school charges an application fee of 120€ per period, and you'll be charged 5 914 € for a full academic year.

Centre International d'Antibes

Centre International d'Antibes is a top learning destination if you're looking for French immersion programs in France. The school is situated in Antibes, south of France, and offers a variety of real improvement courses for all levels of French learners.

French Courses in France at Centre International d'Antibes

This French language school offers its students a high-quality French language education. Like most French language schools, the school has an immersive approach that ensures students develop their language skills, essential grammar, listening comprehension, and many more.

Overall, it's a great school for organized language-stays in the south of France. You can plan for a two or four week study holiday and enroll in a program specially devised to help you learn general French.

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Final Thoughts - Learn a French Course in the Best Schools

Numerous French language schools in various parts of the world provide reputable French language courses to enhance your oral skills. Those highlighted above are some of the best options in France, each with an immersive French learning program completely adapted to individual needs.

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