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Sylvia Y.
Sylvia Y.
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Business and Management
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Man, Sylvia Y. is the real deal! 🙌 Her English is spot on and she knows her stuff in Business. Helped me out big time. Cheers!
Ian Mg.
Ian Mg.
Based on 712 reviews
100% Success rate
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Medicine and Health
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Ian is straight fire! 🔥 Nailed every nursing and health topic I threw at him. If you need med help, he's your guy. No cap! 🙌💯
Marcellus P.
Marcellus P.
Based on 719 reviews
98%Success rate
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Worked with him and honestly, the guy's legit. Exceptional work every single time, seriously. Really appreciate it!
Johanna B.
Johanna B.
Based on 1160 reviews
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Bachelor's Degree
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User ID: #457830
I sent her some mad complex topics, and she just... nailed it. Keep going girl! 🔥
Jarrett W.
Jarrett W.
Based on 1011 reviews
97%Success rate
2923Finished orders
Business and Management
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User ID: #740928
Idk how to even put it into words, but this guy is straight Business guru! The way he tackled my assignment is PURE FIRE
Emily R.
Emily R.
Based on 452 reviews
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Business and Management
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She is legit the GOAT!  threw some complex Business topics her way, and she crushed it every time

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