How to Format a Business Letter: Elements, Fonts, Examples, Templates, Tips

How to Format a Business Letter: Elements, Fonts, Examples, Templates, Tips

Raymond Miller

Most business communications today occur in digital format. Yet, it is essential to understand how to write a business letter. Governmental bodies, conservative non-profit organizations, and diverse businesses still stick to conventional paper format. They use it for job offers, employment verifications, and reference letters.

The readers of this article will discover smart tips on writing this type of correspondence. They will get to know about the optimal formal letter format and will be able to memorize these rules quickly. But this review which our admission essay writing service team has prepared will not focus on the specific language of business correspondence. It will deal only with the layout.

Parts of a Business Letter

The professional letter format suggests that the following elements should be present:

  • sender’s contact information;
  • date;
  • recipient’s contact information;
  • salutation;
  • body;
  • closing;
  • signature.

Below, each of these elements will be described in detail by our DoMyEssay team. 

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Business Letter Layout

Sender's Contact Information

When in doubt about how to start a business letter, senders can either use a letterhead or do without it. In case they use the letterhead, they should include their address in it. Alternatively, they might mention this information at the top of the letter one line above the date.

The Date

Sometimes, a sender might need a few days to finish a formal business letter. In this case, they should indicate the date when they completed it. 

When writing business letters to American recipients, people should mention the name of the month first, then the date, and finally the year. For example, indicate “July 5, 2021”. The distance between this information and the top of the page should be two inches.

In some formats, a sender needs to tab to the center point to insert the date. Then, they should mention their address on the letterhead. Otherwise, the date needs to be left-justified.

Recipient’s Contact Information

When writing a formal letter, people plan to send it to an organization and not to a private address. Yet, it would be wise to know the name of the person who will read it. A sender can either look for this information online or call the company’s representative to ask about it.

Now, learn valuable insights on how to address a business letter. A personal title is vital for business correspondence. When a sender is not sure about a recipient’s title, they should indicate a higher one. This would flatter the recipient. When they doubt how to address a woman, they should opt for Ms.

The international format for business letter suggests that a recipient’s address should start one line below the date. Regardless of the letter format, it should be left-justified. A sender should indicate the name of the country on the last line, using all capital letters.

The Salutation

In proper business letter format, the name in the salutation should coincide with the one in the recipient’s address. It should include the personal title too. The sender can omit the recipient’s last name if they know them well.

When writing a business letter, the sender might not know the recipient’s gender. Yet, in certain environments today, it would be inappropriate to mention it. The sender can replace it with the job title and the name of the recipient. For the lack of a title, the full name will do. The word “Dear” before the name would be quite acceptable.

The Body

To separate paragraphs in a business format letter, the sender uses a blank line. They need to left-justify the paragraphs and leave a single space between the lines.

The official letter format implies that the text should be concise. It should start with a friendly opening in the initial paragraph. Then, the author should focus on the main point.

In the second paragraph, they need to justify the importance of the main point. Further on, they should provide details and background information.

In the last paragraph, the sender summarizes the essence of the letter and asks the recipient to react.

The Closing

When formatting for a business letter, the sender should shorten the closing paragraph. Ideally, it should contain two sentences. In the first one, the sender summarizes the reason why they contact the recipient. In the second, they express their gratitude for the attention that the reader pays to their text.

Your Signature

In a professional business letter, the signature always goes just beneath the closing. The signature needs to be handwritten. Below, the sender should type their full name, title, phone number, email address, and any additional contact data. The distance between this information and the closing should be four single spaces.

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Business Letter Format and Font Notes

Block Format

Normally, senders should stick to the block letter format. It is the most widespread layout of this type of documents (but not the only possible one). It suggests that there should be a double space between paragraphs and a single space between the lines. All the text should be left-justified.

Modified Block

In modified block format, start typing the date and closing from the center points. The body of the letter, as well as the recipient’s and the sender’s addresses, should be placed on the left. There should be a single space between the lines. This format is used less frequently than the previous one.


This is the least obvious recommendation on how to format a business letter. This one largely resembles the modified block. But instead of left-justifying the paragraphs, the sender should indent them. 

These three formats were given as examples. Each company might have individual templates and letterheads.

In Microsoft Office 2000, there is the Letter Wizard feature. It often comes in handy for business letters. To launch it, press the Tools button and opt for Letter Wizard. It contains templates for semi-block, modified block, and block format letters. Once the sender indicates their and the recipient’s addresses, as well as the data, the Wizard will format them. 

But this tool is not too precise. It can help newbies, but it might be not enough for experienced professionals. When compiling a blocked style business letter or another type of letter, it would be wise to rely on other guidelines too.


One of the wisest tips on how to format a formal letter is: it should be readable. Tip number two is: to produce a favorable impression on the recipient, the font should meet their expectations. Conservative people tend to stick to Times New Roman. A younger audience might be ready to experiment with Arial or other fonts unless they are too intricate. For all fonts, the ideal size is 12.


The open punctuation format suggests that there should be no punctuation after the salutation and the closing. Yet, this approach is not widespread. A typical correspondence letter features a comma after the closing and a colon after the salutation. It is incorrect to use a comma instead of the colon.

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Business Letter Template

Here is a business letter format example. If you need to do your essay urgently, our team of essay writers can do it for you.

Claire Jones

NNN University

776 Shadow Street

Mytown, CA 98765



April 12, 2021

Archibald Green

Contributing Author

ZZZ11 Magazine

348 Light Rd.

Random City, CA 99184

Dear Mr. Green,

I would like to invite you to attend our upcoming Journalists Unlimited conference. The conference will be held on the morning of April 19, 2021. We wish to provide media professionals with an opportunity to meet the representatives of the regulatory bodies who will be eager to discuss the recent legislation updates. The event will take place at the Main Student Center at NNN University and will last one hour. If you have an interest in visiting the conference, please let me know at your earliest convenience, and I will put you on the guest list.

Thank you for your time, and I hope to hear from you soon.


(signature hard copy letter)

Claire Jones

Networking Events Department 

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