Case Study Topics: Awesome Ideas for Students

Case Study Topics

What Is a Case Study? Discover Some Awesome Topic Ideas

The modern scientific community uses many research techniques that fit various academic subjects. One of these methods is a case study. Although this way of research is quite popular, only some people can properly define it. A case study is an in-depth analysis that helps to examine something from different perspectives. This way, you may study anything you like:

  • An object
  • An event
  • A process
  • A person, etc.

Interestingly, people often promote a particular company or a product by using marketing topics on case study. During marketing research or any other study, thorough data analysis is crucial. Therefore, researchers carefully examine volumes of qualitative or quantitative data to do their tasks.

How to Find Awesome Case Study Topics?

But what is the use of analytical skills without good case study topics? So whether you discuss human resource management methods or customer relationship management, the theme should remain engaging. 

If you think, ‘I wish someone would write my case study!’ help is on your way. This article contains the best examples of case study topics. Such lists of ready-to-use titles are of great service to students who struggle with broad choices. Moreover, the major rules for case study writing are here too. So, after reading this article and our other article about different types of case studies, you will know everything about case studies and more!

How to Write a Case Study? Case Study Format

That’s it. You figured out the essence of case studies. Your next question probably is how to write a case study. Indeed, knowing the answer is essential for completing exemplary student work. A correct method to learn about the case study format is to memorize the basics first. 

However, there are more specific recommendations besides the general rules. For instance, imagine the differences between workplace leadership and mechanical engineering studies! Undoubtedly, the two works may meet the general rules but differ in detail. Fortunately, in the scientific community, there is a set of rules in the scientific community that works for various academic subjects. Therefore, if a beginner follows these instructions, their paper becomes correct!

case study format

Executive Summary

According to the rules, every case study starts with an executive summary. Why should the readers see it first? The executive summary is a short recap of the whole paper. Hence, everybody can get a glimpse of what the work is. In other words, this part allows good case study topics to draw attention to the paper.

Something else to remember is that the executive summary has a certain structure, which is:

  1. Problem statement
  2. Recommendation
  3. Evidence and supporting arguments
  4. Conclusion 

By this logic, you perform the next steps. First, you define the core issue of the case. Then, you suggest your solutions and prove your arguments using facts. As a result, the readers quickly get acquainted with your work!

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Problem Examination 

After you have briefly described your case study on the first page, move to the next stage. Your next goal is to perform a deep analysis of the main problem. How does it look? Contrary to the vague descriptions, in the beginning, the problem examination part contains many important details. 

Often, people state the causes and effects of the issue, which helps provide the most effective solutions later. For instance, in a marketing case study example, someone might talk about a product failing in a new market. Someone else can discuss business operations, management styles, or marketing tactics. So, the person should mention the reasons and consequences of such a situation.

Alternatives and Decision Criteria 

The next section that the case study format contains is about alternatives and decision criteria. Indeed, a student may say, ‘I wonder how to write my research paper with a case study.’ But there is no need to worry since you can also find clear explanations about this part. 

Briefly, you lay out several solutions to the issue you described before. Remember to explain every alternative shortly, without too much text and details. Additionally, present only the mutually exclusive solutions, meaning that every one of them is enough for resolving all issues. Plus, state the decisive factors that you considered during your thought process. 

Suggestions and Action Plan 

After vaguely discussing the recommended alternatives, it’s time to illustrate the suggestions and action plan more thoroughly. Usually, people here demonstrate their strategic thinking by discussing:

  1. Step-by-step solution process
  2. Professional skills needed for the execution
  3. The necessary equipment
  4. Accountability 
  5. Time limits
  6. Costs of the operation
  7. Possible effects, including negative outcomes 

Let’s imagine a marketing case study interview. After you perform the data analysis and marketing research, your task is to suggest some marketing methods or brand development methods, for instance. Then, if you have great strategic thinking, others can appreciate it and put the plan into practice.

Conclusion and Referencing

Eventually, every case study research ends with a conclusion and references, like many other academic works. When the text ends abruptly, without a concluding part, it may appear unnatural. On the contrary, the elaborate wrap-up is a perfect final touch that makes the reading more pleasant. 

What is the correct method of finishing your paper? The best tip is to make the last part emotional and memorable. Summarize the key points, repeat the strong statements and make them convincing! Then, of course, add the list of references after to give credit to the original authors of ideas.

Case Study Topics

Undoubtedly, following academic tips is of great help for a beginner. But so is the ability to pick good case study topics 2023. Teachers often grant their students creative freedom, which has an underside that makes choosing tricky. In case you demand a helping hand, this article is a lifesaver! Below, you may find multiple case study topics for students. So, whether you take an interest in personnel management issues or data transfer methods, there is always a theme for you.

Psychology Case Study Topics 

If your studies connect to psychology, you should always have psychology case study topics at hand. The combination of a great title and proper case study format is a formula for student success, so choose from the next themes:

  • The connection between a positive attitude and professional success
  • Social anxiety and related mental aspects
  • The impact of big age gap differences in romantic relationships 
  • The ways to improve workplace leadership 
  • Mental issues of child abuse victims in adulthood
  • Personnel management issues and psychological climate
  • Prevention of mobbing in a business environment 
  • How do children’s TV networks affect kids’ behavior?
  • Ways to motivate children to socialize in school
  • The lack of mental health focus in the healthcare system
  • The connection between ADHD and strategic thinking skills 
  • Social media dangers for self-perception 
  • Psychological reasons behind human resources management bias
  • Burnout prevention in corporate management specialists
  • Modern programming methods in psychological research

Case Study Topics in Education 

Are you looking for quality case study topics in education? Good news, there are many great suggestions. Feel free to pick the next easy case study topics:

  • How to make summer camp education worth trying?
  • Progressive teaching methods in European middle schools
  • How to motivate children to learn difficult academic subjects?
  • Outdated academic subjects in European middle schools
  • The least effective teaching methods in modern schools
  • Training financial responsibility in middle schoolers
  • Is summer camp education worth its increasing price?
  • How can school-taught self-defense tactics help students?
  • How to explain social media dangers to students in primary school?
  • The educational function of children’s TV networks 
  • Introducing teenagers to software development in school
  • Modern programming methods that kids can learn in schools
  • Strategic management for educational institutions
  • The proper treatment of child abuse victims in class
  • How can taught self-defense tactics help minor children stand for themselves against school bullies?
  • Essential university subjects for future corporate management specialists
  • Where can you learn about activity-based cost systems?
  • The best college degrees in global management

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Sociology Case Study Topics 

A university assignment or a case study interview can relate to various subjects, including sociology. Some engaging sociology case study topics can be as follows:

  • The correlation between family income and financial responsibility
  • How can minor children stand for themselves in new social groups like schools?
  • What are the anti-discrimination act controversies?
  • Workplace safety for female personnel workforce
  • How do racial stereotypes influence police operations?
  • Financial stratification and related mental aspects
  • How can brands create customer loyalty by abandoning gender stereotypes?
  • Correlation between religiousness and age gap differences in marriage
  • Do gender stereotypes make the Human Resources department discriminate against work candidates?
  • Different cultures and global management in international companies

Case Study Topics in Nursing  

Granted that you seek case study topics in nursing, we have a variety of them. Whether you prefer discussing plastic surgery operations, management styles in hospitals, or cures for diseases, we have options for you! See the following good case study topics and pick titles to your liking:

  • The most effective nursing stress reduction methods 
  • Which nursing stress reduction methods are outdated?
  • Why do nurses perform improper examination methods in hospitals?
  • Which modern nursing methods require improvement?
  • Patients with Covid-19 and the modern nursing methods
  • How to improve the ethics of the female personnel workforce in hospitals?
  • Does the US healthcare system treat nurses right?
  • The correlation between attitude and professional success in nursing 
  • How can nurses motivate children to undergo medical procedures?
  • The problem of burnout of human resources in nursing
  • Healthcare system development strategy that considers the needs of nurses
  • Anti-crisis personnel management in hospitals during epidemics
  • Human resource management methods in the US hospitals
  • Strategic management in small private clinics

Media Case Study Topics 

Are you majoring in a media-related subject? Then, chances are that you want some new media case study topics like these:

  • Can social media groups entirely replace real-life socialization?
  • Correlation between age and participation in social media groups?
  • The most unusual social media marketing strategies
  • How can a modern business individual today benefit from social media?
  • Why did some social media marketing trends pass too quickly?
  • The importance of social media aspects in corporate planning 
  • Which social media marketing methods fit the German automotive industry?
  • Online marketing dangers for the impressionable teenagers
  • How can a modern business individual today minimize online marketing dangers?
  • The social media marketing tactics that cater to younger audiences 
  • How can social media marketing methods create customer loyalty?
  • Quality production differences in large media companies

Biology Case Study Topics 

While someone solves a marketing case or website traffic growth, the other chooses biology case study topics. Because they are important too, here are several case study topics for students who study biology:

  • Which species can survive if people promote environmental protection more?
  • How can sustainable development save countries’ natural resources?
  • Can green energy systems change numbers in carbon dioxide emission reports?
  • Are earthquake prevention systems good for natural landscapes?
  • What is sustainable development in biology?
  • Do global warming campaigns affect carbon dioxide emission reports?
  • How to promote environmental protection to save rainforests?
  • Can green energy systems reverse the greenhouse effect?
  • Earthquake prevention systems and wildlife sanctuaries
  • Can global warming campaigns slow down the great extinction?

Criminal Justice Case Study Topics 

There are many great options for somebody who has to find criminal justice case study topics. We prepared a list of case study example titles:

  • The consequences of using improper examination methods in crime scenes
  • Why do police officers break the law during police operations?
  • Famous United States versus cases
  • The most controversial United States versus cases
  • Why are the anti-discrimination act controversies hard to interpret in court?
  • The problem of xenophobia among American prisoners 
  • Attorney professionalism and success in court
  • Crime prevention in public places
  • Fair punishment for workplace harassment
  • The major reasons for women breaking the law

Marketing Project Topics With Case Study 

People learn different things, from mechanical engineering studies to software development, from building personnel management systems to data transfer methods. A student may also be interested in marketing case study research. Some of the examples of case study topics related to this field are:

  • What are the characteristics of male target marketing methods?
  • Brand development methods in the German automotive industry
  • Peculiarities of Steve Jobs marketing style
  • How can other businesses implement Steve Jobs' marketing style?
  • The implementation of physical marketing in the biggest companies
  • Impact of physical marketing on individual purchasing decision making
  • Customer relationship management and corporate planning
  • Male target marketing methods and gender stereotypes
  • Activity-based cost systems and marketing
  • Marketing and quality production differences

Certainly, the suggested topics on case study are helpful. However, try learning real-life cases along with them for better understanding. 

Case 1: Converse and Instagram Marketing

The collected data shows Converse has higher organic engagement rates in this application compared to the rival companies. And the goal here is to detect reasons for such success. Upon investigating, it became clear that Converse collaborates with celebrities on Instagram, naturally drawing more attention to their page.

Case 2: UNICEF and COVID-19 Vaccination

In this case, the main issue was the spreading of coronavirus misinformation. As a result, the vaccination rates in developing countries slowed down. So, to solve the problem, UNICEF turned to use consumer intelligence to track false information about COVID-19 online. Eventually, this move helped to promote vaccination.

Case 3: Popularization of the CustomizedStickers company

In this marketing case study, the developing business aimed to become bigger and gain a larger market share. So, the perfect solution for them was direct contact with resellers. Markedly, emails gained them multiple contracts with printers all over Australia and huge popularity.

As you saw the mentioned marketing project topics with case study, solving your cases seems much easier!

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